About the project


Our plans centre on the creation of a natural water-fed pool – over one hectare in size – with a series of mini-islands to provide a safe and secure habitat for nesting that should prove attractive to the Sandwich tern. The detailed design is still being finalised, but it is our intention to encourage a local nesting population of this important bird species. The Sandwich tern nested nearby until the early years of this century – we want to help them return.


As a responsible company we are committed to doing all we can to mitigate any potential impact of our offshore wind energy operations on Sandwich tern numbers. This proposal is one part of a package of measures across the UK to support the country’s valued Sandwich tern population. The Sandwich tern was, until relatively recently, nesting on the shore of the Loch at Scar Point. Encouraging them to return would be a significant boost to local biodiversity and the natural environment.


Our research has indicated that this site is the best in the UK, holding the greatest potential for success for nesting Sandwich tern as at Loch Ryan. Our preferred site, near Kirkcolm, is on land owned by Corsewall Estates – discussions with the estate about the project are ongoing.